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The respect that Will Proetta receives from Judges and prosecutors alike is well deserved; and it is one of many advantages and resources that he provides to clients such as myself. When I present Will with a case, his accessible knowledge and pointed strategies never fail to settle my nerves. His confidence is contagious. I always know that I am in good hands, and that we are well prepared. Will’s success when dealing with my cases is a testament to his ability as a professional. However, I am often most impressed with the personal level of service that I receive. At the risk of sounding too cliché, Will actually cares about his clients. If I wasn’t paying him for his time I would certainly consider him a friend.


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Keith Oliver is an Amazing Attorney!

My Company had a legal issue in the State of New Jersey that by all accounts should have been a civil matter.

Unfortunately, it was accepted as a criminal case that I personally could have been responsible for.

With the help of Keith and his Law Firm, charges were dismissed and we only received what amounted to, as a fine.

Keith Oliver is personable, professional and dedicated to winning each and every case he represents. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Keith is there for you.

I Highly Recommend Attorney Keith Oliver.

Amazing Attorney

Our family has NEVER had any dealings with the criminal justice system before. Keith made us feel very comfortable with the entire process. This was a very scary time for us since the charges we were facing were felonies. He promised us he would give our son’s case 150% and would keep us informed by giving us more than enough information during the entire process…from the beginning to end. He did just that! We always received immediate responses to our calls, etc. We always received advance notice of all court dates and times which was much appreciated, especially since we were out-of-state clients. His Brief-writing & investigative skills are awesome. In the courtroom, he was superb! He is very knowledgeable of the law and appears to be well respected by the judges and the prosecutors. He was very direct and honest, yet personable to us and deeply cares about the client and the outcome of the case. Our nick name for him was “Attorney Perry Mason”. lol. Keith is the best and our family highly recommends him to anyone with a legal situation! He will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. We love you Keith!

Attorney Keith Oliver Gives 150% To His Clients!