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Shoplifting Charges in Clark Twp NJ

Shoplifting charges are widespread throughout Union County, New Jersey but some towns make more arrests than others. One such town is Clark Township, New Jersey located right off exit 135 on the Garden State Parkway. In fact, Clark Police routinely make shoplifting arrests throughout the year which can quickly add up to dozens of defendants. Most of these individuals are local residents of Union County’s surrounding towns but occasionally there we see out-of-state residents based on the town’s location right off the parkway. The stores in Clark that typically generate the most shoplifting arrests include Target Department Store at 45 Central Ave, ShopRite Supermarket at 76 Central Ave and Marshall’s Department Store at 77 Central Ave. If the amount in question is a petty offense, normally below $200, then the charges will just be kept in town and sent to Clark Municipal Court to be prosecuted. However, in situations where the offense involves more than $200 then the charges will be automatically sent up to the Union County Superior Court as an indictable felony crime. Under normal circumstances the Union County Prosecutor’s Office may consider downgrading the charges and sending them back down to municipal court, however, chances of that become slimmer with the more money in question.

To make matters worse, Clark Police regularly post these shoplifting arrests online on the Clark Police Blotter which will normally details your name, age, hometown, and what you were arrested for. These arrests are unfortunately public information so there is nothing to stop the police from publishing them and many people feel it is an effective tactic for future deterrence. However, in situations where the charges are later dismissed or expunged, a lot of times the police blotter and other online publications will take down the arrest information after they receive notification of the disposition. If you or your loved one has been arrested in Clark, New Jersey for shoplifting then contact our office today to speak with an experienced Union County shoplifting lawyer about right options during a free consultation.

December 5, 2017
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