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Shoplifting At Sephora in New Jersey

Every year Sephora prosecutes customers who are found shoplifting at their stores throughout New Jersey. In fact, it is not uncommon for Sephora to make several hundred shoplifting arrests throughout the year. That being said, the New Jersey shoplifting lawyers at Proetta & Oliver have defended dozens of clients for shoplifting from Sephora stores over the years. It is our experience that the Sephora loss prevention officers are very vigilant when it comes to showing up in court to prosecute alleged shoplifters and will also normally produce the surveillance tapes that capture the alleged incident in order to prove the charges. This makes it even more essential that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to challenge the evidence against you in order to secure a successful result such as a downgrade to town ordinance, admittance into the conditional dismissal or even a dismissal altogether. If you would like to learn more about what defenses we may be able to use in your case, give us a call today at (732) 856-9959 to speak with one of our lawyers who can go over the facts of your case.

Why Are There So Many Sephora Shoplifting Cases?

There are several reasons why Sephora seems to generate so many shopliftings compared to other stores of the same or equal size. First it is important to look at the products they are selling and why these may be desirable. Sephora is a beauty product store and that sells high-end makeup, haircare, skincare, and other body care products. The store features nearly 300 brands which includes several high-end brands such as Urban Decay, NARS Cosmetics, Benefit Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Too Faced Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Amazingcosmetics, First Aid Beauty, Lancôme Cosmetics, Sunday Riley Skincare, philosophy, YSL Beauty by Yves Saint Laurent, Tatcha, Kat Von D, and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. These makeup products are not only very expensive but are also normally small and can be easily concealed in your hand or pocket as you walk out. Moreover, there more than a dozen Sephora locations throughout New Jersey including in several major shopping malls such as Menlo Park in Edison, Freehold Raceway Mall, Willowbrook, Short Hills Mall, Newport Centre, Bridgewater Commons, and Quaker Bridge Mall. Sephora also has several locations inside JCPenney stores in Toms River, East Brunswick, Wayne, Eatontown, Paramus, and Rockaway. These stores feature the same makeup, skincare, and fragrance brands as the stand alone stores but a normally much smaller, usually 1,500 sq ft in size. By now it is well known that Sephora is a common target for would-be shoplifters, so they have invested a lot of time and money into security cameras and training loss prevention officers to stop and detain people suspected of shoplifting. Sometimes they stops lead to police being called and an arrest for shoplifting. If you or your loved one has been charged with shoplifting at a Sephora location in New Jersey, contact us today by calling (732) 856-9959 and speak with one of our experienced attorneys who can explain your rights and options.