Shoplifting Charges in Essex County

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Essex County NJ Shoplifting Lawyers

If you have been arrested and charged with shoplifting in Essex County it is crucial that you speak to an experienced New Jersey shoplifting defense lawyer about your options. Unlike most other jurisdictions, the offense of shoplifting in New Jersey is more often than not a felony criminal offense. If convicted of shoplifting, a Defendant could be facing incarceration, community service, high fines, probation, court ordered therapy, restitution and even deportation proceedings if applicable. Keep in mind those are the potential penalties for first time offenders, a third or subsequent shoplifting conviction mandates jail time, regardless if it is a piece of gum. Department stores suffer significant losses each and every year as a result of shoplifters. As such, they in turn spend a tremendous amount of money on in-house security to try and combat the problem. Unfortunately, they have become very good at catching would be shoplifters, especially in the Short Hills Mall.

If you have been charged with shoplifting, receiving stolen property, theft by deception, possession of burglary tools or trespassing in Essex County, in towns like Millburn, Short Hills, West Caldwell, Bloomfield, Belleville, Nutley or South Orange, the attorneys at Proetta & Oliver can help. Our attorneys are well aware that most of our shoplifting clients are dealing with the criminal justice system for the very first time. That is because most shoplifting charges stem from a split second lapse in judgement. As such, we are dedicated in making sure that a simple mistake does not affect our clients future. If you would like to discuss your options with one of our New Jersey shoplifting defense attorneys then please contact us at (800)463-0506. We understand the stress that most feel when they are charged with a criminal offense, so we try to make ourselves available around the clock to help assist in anyway that we can.

Shoplifting Charges in Essex County New Jersey

Our Essex County shoplifting defense lawyers are frequently appearing in courts throughout the County to defend clients accused of shoplifting. Some of the courthouses that we frequent often include but are not limited to:

  • The Belleville Municipal Court
  • The Cedar Grove Municipal Court
  • The Montclair Municipal Court

Some of the most common stores that we defend clients accused of shoplifting from include the following:

Where do I go to Court for a Shoplifting Charge?

New Jersey breaks down all shoplifting offenses into disorderly persons offenses (misdemeanor) and felony offenses. What separates the different degrees is dollar amount of the merchandise in question. Furthermore, the degree of the shoplifting charge will also dictate where the Defendant has to defend their charges. A Defendant charged with a disorderly persons offense shoplifting charge, which means that the merchandise in question was less than $200, will be forced to defend their charges in the local municipal court in the municipality where the incident happened. Conversely, a Defendant charged with a felony shoplifting, regardless if it is a second, third or fourth degree will have to defend their charges in the Essex County Superior Court, which is located in Newark at 50 West Market Street. With that being said, just because the Defendant was charged with a felony offense does not mean that their charges can not be downgraded to a disorderly persons offense. An experienced Essex County criminal defense attorney can seek to convince the prosecutors office to remand the shoplifting charges back to the local municipal court. If that is to occur the felony shoplifting charges will now become misdemeanor shoplifting charges. For more information on potential downgrades, please contact our office at (800)463-0506. Here is a chart that breaks down shoplifting offenses.

Millburn NJ Shoplifting Lawyer

If you have been accused of shoplifting in Essex County, in towns like Cedar Grove, Verona, West Caldwell, Orange, Irvington, Newark or Montclair, the attorneys at Proetta & Oliver can help. We fully understand what is on the line when a Defendant is charged with shoplifting in New Jersey. As such, we will aggressively challenge the evidence presented against you in order to obtain a favorable outcome. To speak to one of our New Jersey shoplifting defense attorneys today please contact us at (800)463-0506.