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Walmart Edison NJ shoplifting dismissed

Edison NJ Shoplifting Charges Dismissed

At Proetta & Oliver we defend clients against shoplifting allegations on a weekly basis and a large portion of these offenses involve indictable crimes of shoplifting that are referred to the County Superior Court to be handled and reviewed by the County Prosecutor’s Office. You will be charged with an indictable (felony) crime if the alleged merchandise was worth over $200, which in today’s day and change is pretty easy to do. In one such case we represented client who was charged with a fourth degree shoplifting from the Walmart in Edison, New Jersey. Our client, who was a woman, had caught the eye of one of the loss prevention officers as she had allegedly concealed numerous items while walking around the store. In this particular situation the loss prevention officer actually approached her and stopped her in the store based on what they had seen before our client had even attempted to leave the Walmart.

After assessing the total worth of the merchandise it became clear that it was worth over $200 but less than $500 making it a fourth degree shoplifting felony punishable by up to 18 months in state prison. Based on the circumstances, the Walmart staff contact the local police and our client was arrested and charged. Once we were retained, we knew the case would be sent to Middlesex County Superior Court, so our attorneys contacted the prosecutor who informed us that they would downgrade the charges to disorderly persons offense shoplifting and send them back down to municipal court. Once remanded, we appeared in the municipal court multiple times over the course of several weeks to combat the Edison shoplifting charges, ultimately resulting in the charges being dismissed due to lack of discovery and the failure of an in-store loss prevention officer to show up on behalf of Walmart.

State v. S.C.

September 16, 2017
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