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Quaker Bridge Shoplifting Lawyers

There is a little known mall out in western New Jersey that many people, other than locals, don’t know about which is called Quaker Bridge Mall. However, surprisingly this mall rivals some of the largest malls such Garden State Plaza and Freehold Raceway Mall for the sheer number of people arrested for shoplifting each year. If you have been arrested for shopping at Quaker Bridge Mall you will most likely be ordered to appear in Lawrenceville Municipal Court to answer for your charges if the price of the merchandise is less than $200. However, if the amount of merchandise is more than $200 then the charges will be an indictable crime and your case will actually be sent to Mercer County Superior Court to be reviewed by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. No matter the circumstances, one thing is certain, New Jersey takes shoplifting offenses more serious than other theft crimes and the state has put in place additional penalties which include mandatory community service and even mandatory jail time for some shoplifting convictions. Over the years, our New Jersey shoplifting lawyers have successfully defended dozens of defendants charged with shoplifting in Lawrenceville and Mercer County Superior Court after they were caught taking merchandise from Quaker Bridge Mall. To learn more about our past success record or to speak with an attorney about the facts of your case, call us today at (732) 856-9959 for a free consultation.

Why Are There So Many Shoplifting Arrests at Quaker Bridge Mall?

Quaker Bridge is a two-level mall located in Lawrence Township, also known as Lawrenceville, New Jersey. Originally constructed in 1975, Quaker Bridge Mall was built along Route 1 to meet the demand of a growing population in Mercer County and western New Jersey. As time past, the mall actually helped spur growth along the Route 1 corridor and many other shopping centers and strip malls opened around it.  Quaker Bridge is a medium size mall that sits at just over 1 million square feet of retail space. The mall currently houses over 120 stores including several large department stores such as Sears, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, JCPenny and some smaller popular stores such as Sephora and Payless Shoesource. Although the mall is relatively small compared to other regional malls in New Jersey, it attracts shoppers across the entire western central part of the state because it is considered “the only game in town”. Moreover, the stores in Quaker Bridge are heavily patrolled and monitored by security and loss prevention officers who are specially trained to pick out and flag suspicious activity and potential shoplifters. This situation results in an extraordinary amount of defendants arrested for shoplifting each year at Quaker Bridge. If you have been arrested after a shoplifting incident at Quaker Bridge Mall it is a good idea to contact an experienced shoplifting lawyer who can explain your options. To learn more, about how we may be able to you, feel free to contact our office at (732) 856-9959 for a free consultation with one of our lawyers.