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Shoplifting at Jackson OutletsJackson Outlets Shoplifting Lawyers

Since opening in 1997, the Jackson Premium Outlets has become a major destination for shore-goers travelling up and down the Garden State Parkway during the summer time on their way back and forth from the Jersey Shore. The Outlets are located in Jackson Township in Ocean County, which is where they derive their name and are also conveniently located near Six Flags Great Adventure theme park. These geographic factors help drive a constant flow of traffic and shoppers to the Outlets throughout the year. This is why it should be no surprise that the Jackson Outlets also see their fair share of shoplifting crimes and arrests throughout the year. During these incidents, the Jackson police are routinely called to the outlet to effectuate arrests of shoppers who have been stopped and detained by store security or loss prevention officers. Once there, the police will normally conduct a short investigation based on the statements of the security and a review of the surveillance footage. If the amount of merchandise taken or attempted to be taken was less than $200 then the shoplifter will be charged with a disorderly persons offense for shoplifting and be ordered to appear in the Jackson Municipal Court. However, if the amount is greater than $200 then the shoplifter will be charged with an indictable crime and be required to appear in the Ocean County Superior Courthouse located in Toms River. To learn more details about the potential consequences and grading of indictable shoplifting crimes then please visit our page on Shoplifting Penalties in New Jersey.

Stores in the Jackson Outlets

After undergoing an expansion in 1998, shortly after their original opening, the Jackson Outlets now comprise a total of approximately 70 stores equaling about 285,000 square footage of total retail space. There is a healthy rotation of stores in the Jackson Premium Outlets. However, several popular stores such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Under Armor, Nike Factory Store, Gap Outlet, American Eagle, Coach, and LOFT Outlet act as anchors for the outlet strip and take up the most square footage compared to the other stores. This also makes these stores the most prominent when it comes to the risk of potential shopliftings. However, would-be shoplifters should take this as a warning because these stores are typically the most closely watched by security guards and could mean that these stores are the most likely where you would get caught shoplifting from. If that happens, then your best bet is to remain silent and not sign anything that could be perceived as an admission and then, once released, contact an attorney.

Arrested at Jackson Premium Outlets

Although the Jackson Outlets have faced growing competition in recent years from the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets in Tinton Falls, they still remain popular with a loyal shopper base and, for purposes of this article, have  continued to produce shoplifting arrests in recent years. If you or your loved one has been arrested for shoplifting or a related crime such as credit card fraud or receiving stolen property at the Jackson Outlets then it is important that you speak an experienced shoplifting lawyer who can advise you about your options and procedures that will take place in the near future with the court system. At Proetta & Oliver, we have defended hundreds of clients against shoplifting charges throughout New Jersey including Jackson and have helped our clients by securing outright dismissals, downgrades to town ordinances, avoiding mandatory incarceration for third shoplifting, and immigration consequences for a shoplifting conviction. To learn more about how we may be able to help you, feel free to contact our office to day for free no-obligation consultation or set up an appointment at our Point Pleasant office by calling (732) 856-9959 today.

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